UoN UCU Branch Committee

All officers are happy to be contacted about UCU business, but we ask that all enquiries/casework requests are directed to the UCU office in the first instance. This allows us to direct contacts to the appropriate officer, and to make sure queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently.  Email uonucubranch@gmail.com . The office is generally staffed on Mondays to Thursdays for a limited number of hours.

University of Nottingham UCU Branch Committee: 

President: Agnes Flues

Vice President: Catherine Rottenburg

Secretary: Lopa Leach

Treasurer: Andreas Bieler

Membership & Organising Officer: Howard Stevenson

H&S Officers: Cyril Rauch, Oscar Siles Br├╝gge

Equalities Officers: Cecile Wright, Gertjan Lucas

APM Officer: Tony Simmonds

Casework Coordinator: Joseph Baxter

Casualised Staff Officer: Joe Kearsey

Non-officer committee members: Cecilia Testa, Alessio D’Angelo, Alan Barker, Andrew Armstrong, Murray Goulden