Vigil for Refugees’ Lives Lost

Members  responded generously to our appeal last week for clothes and equipment for refugees who find themselves stuck in the makeshift camps of Calais. Tonight’s vigil will be another opportunity to donate:

7pm, Monday September 7th, Old Market Square, Nottingham.

We would also like to share this important call to action from Nottingham Citizens:

This is a call for action. We are joining with many other groups in Nottingham to support an urgent vigil this Monday (7th September) at 7pm in Market Square to reflect, remember and pledge our contributions. We will be holding a briefing at 6.40pm in St Nics on Maid Marion Way to update on our full response as Citizens UK for those interested before joining with partners from across the city for the vigil’s start at 7pm. 

The tragic photographs of Alan Kurdi have stirred the public consciousness and forced us to recognise our common humanity. 

As well as our thoughts and prayers we need to act to ensure that Britain stays true to its traditions and values and offers sanctuary to those in desperate need. 

Whenever there have been refugee crises in the past, civil society has come together to be part of the solution. We must do the same this time. 

For the last six months, Citizens UK has been calling on local authorities to resettle 50 refugees from camps, national government to increase the number of refugees resettled to the UK, and for civil society to provide housing and support for resettled refugees. We continue to do this in Nottingham and to stand with our friends and allies in the city to say that we will do our part.

As the Prime Minister has announced that the UK will resettle 1000s more refugees, now is the time for us to act. Not only to keep up the pressure but to ask Mr Cameron to let civil society help and offer the welcome we want to give. 

Full details of the event which has been started by a local headteacher can be found at the Facebook event here:

A financial collection and collection of items for refugees already in Europe will be made on the night – full details of what to bring are on the above event.  If you have candles or lanterns please do bring these with you for the vigil.  

For more information contact Lydia Rye on 07939598973 or

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