Project Transform

The local branch is aware that Project Transform is causing considerable anxiety to members of staff across the University. The University has acknowledged that the 23% efficiency savings sought on administration budgets look set to result in some redundancies, although at this stage there is very little clarity about exactly where these redundancies will fall. Since the project is still at an early stage, this is perhaps to be expected, but it obviously does leave many members of staff anxious and uncertain of their future. The University has committed to keep UCU informed at every step of the process, and we will keep working to find out more about how staff might be affected. As soon as we are able to share new information with members, we will do so through our members’ email list.

We will continue to fight hard for our members, but we need your involvement to make us stronger: it is our collective strength in both members and activists that equips us to fight for jobs, pay and better working lives.

By joining UCU, or encouraging a colleague to join, you make our voice louder.  All R&T staff and APM staff on Grade 4 and above are part of our bargaining group with the University, and we urge all of them to become UCU members.

Please remember that UCU cannot provide any support or advice if you are not a member or if you join as a result of a problem at work!

New members will be entitled to advice immediately, but will not normally be offered representation in the first 90 days of their membership, so encourage a colleague to join TODAY at

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