USS Dispute – debate and decide

There will be a members’ meeting on Monday 19th January to discuss the pensions dispute. Details are here – includes venue details and also the two motions that will be presented. Please come along.

The E-Ballot is open and members are urged to participate.

In the interests of promoting an informed debate about this critical issue we are including here the arguments as they are being presented in the union.

University of Nottingham UCU committee has no formal, or informal, alignment within any political group in the union.  However we recognise that debate within the union is often framed by the two groups that organise within it.

The majority view in the union is reflected in the union’s official policy. Therefore the arguments from the majority grouping can be said to be reflected in official communications from the union.  UCU’s ‘Defend USS’ website is here. However the majority group have issued a statement about the negotiations and the e-ballot – and that statement is here.

The minority group in the union has challenged the strategy being presented by the union officially.  Their views are set out here.

As indicated, the Branch Committee, has no collective view on the current debate, but will act on policy decided by the branch at the meeting (assuming it is quorate).  The two views presented here do not represent endorsements but are presented to inform debate.  The issues are critical and our aim is to maximise collective discussion in the branch and then decide how to proceed.

Universities are about ideas. As a branch we are happy to publicise the debates taking place in the union, so that members can decide for themselves what union policy will be.

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