Advice to members re. new exam script protocol

Dear UCU member

The University has issued a ‘modified script collection protocol’ in relation to the current exams. A copy is attached.

As the protocol indicates . . . ‘The main substance of this protocol is to introduce a process of self-declaration by way of a signature such that the University can have assurance that all collected scripts will be marked.’

The union branch has sought advice on this issue. Advice is as follows:

UCU has issued notice to the employers that industrial action will commence on 16th January.  Members will be notified formally if, and when, the action is to proceed. Until that time UCU members are not engaged in industrial action.  UCU members should therefore sign for receipt of scripts, as is being requested, and add the following text

“I am currently working normally to the terms of my contract. If my Union calls industrial action I will consider my position. I understand that UCU has complied with all legal requirements with regards to notification of industrial action.”

Members are reminded that Higher Education Committee meets on Wednesday 14th January and we expect to hear about the next stages of the campaign after that.

The local branch will endeavour to provide local advice on any developments as soon as we are able.  Please follow us on twitter @uonucu or via the website for updates.

Best wishes

University of Nottingham Branch Committee

[please be aware that the local office is currently NOT STAFFED.  We are not able to check this email account as regularly as we would like.  Members requiring support or advice are urged to contact the Association Secretary on ]


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