Defend USS: Support the Nottingham UCU Solidarity Fund


Dear UCU member,

In response to the fact that the current assessment boycott affects union members unevenly, the general meeting on Monday 10 November decided to set up a local solidarity fund. This means that all members can be involved in the action, even if they are unable to participate in the assessment boycott themselves. The fund will be used as a local form of strike pay for those members taking part in the boycott, it will help to soften the financial impact on them and spread the burden of industrial action more evenly amongst members.

Donating to the Fund

If you are not immediately affected by the action, please consider making a voluntary donation to the solidarity fund account to show solidarity with those members who will be losing up to a quarter of their salary. The more donations we receive, the longer we will be able to sustain our action and the stronger it will be. If you feel able to make a regular donation, we will be able to keep helping members whose pay is being docked. Some colleagues have committed themselves to paying 25% of their take-home pay in view of the University’s policy to deduct 25% from the salary of those colleagues participating in the boycott. However, any donations are welcome, no matter how small!

Donations can be made via BACs transfer using the following details:

Bank Name: Unity Trust Bank
Name of account: UCU Nottingham LA63
Account Number: 20057745
Sort Code: 08-60-01

You may wish to include your name in the reference line of the transfer so we have a record of your donation, but anonymous donations are also welcome.

Alternatively, donations can be made by cheque to ‘UCU Nottingham LA63’, and sent to the UCU office (Room E132, Portland Building, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD)

If we end the dispute with a surplus, any remaining funds will be donated to UCU’s national hardship fund.

Please note that colleagues who are not members of UCU are also invited to contribute to the Solidarity Fund. UCU members should feel free to encourage those colleagues to show their solidarity by contributing to the fund.

Claiming from the Fund

Members who are taking part in the assessment boycott are welcome to claim payments from the fund, which will operate according to the following principles:

•       All University of Nottingham UCU members who have pay docked for taking part in the assessment boycott will be eligible to apply.

•       Evidence of the deduction will be required (e.g., a copy/scan of payslips or equivalent evidence from timesheets).

•       Normally, the maximum daily payment from the fund will be £18.75. This represents 25% of the national UCU strike pay, which is £75 per day. However, payments are subject to available funds and payment levels cannot be guaranteed.

•       Claims are to be submitted in the first week of each month in relation to pay deducted in the previous month.

•       A small group of branch officers will meet on the Monday of the second week of each month to consider claims and will inform members of the result within 24 hours of the meeting.

•       All claims will be treated by branch officers in confidence.

•       Claims should use the specified form and be sent by email (with electronic evidence attached) to  – the form can be downloaded here – Nottingham UCU Solidarity Fund Application Form

•       All claims will be acknowledged on receipt and members will be told the date of the meeting at which they will be considered.

•       Accepted claims will be referred to the branch treasurer to set up a BACs transfer.

Questions/enquiries about this fund should be directed to Andreas Bieler (

Yours in solidarity,

The Local Committee

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