USS dispute – advice to UCU members at University of Nottingham

Dear UCU member

You have now received an email from HR asking you to notify them when you participate in the marking and assessment boycott (HR Update 14/038).

UCU advice is that you complete the HR form on the day you commence the action, that is the day you do not undertake an assessment activity because of the boycott.

In the box that asks you to indicate the starting date of your action we recommend you include the following text:

‘I intend to support the UCU assessment and marking boycott but will not be doing so until x date when I have scheduled work to do which is included in the boycott. I will not be engaged in assessment work every day after that date. Please note that I would have expected all the work I can currently anticipate and which is covered by the boycott to have been completed by x date.’

In order to ensure your pension contributions are maintained please indicate that you wish to fund your pension contribution at full pay.

We understand that the nature of this action means that some members will be taking action before others. The union has agreed that strike pay will be available after 3 days of participating in the action. University of Nottingham UCU we will be organising solidarity contributions to the strike fund so that any financial penalties are shared (details to follow).

Members are encouraged to view the union’s FAQ page – . If you have further questions, please email – the committee has a dedicated team of officers to respond to queries.

There is a members’ meeting to discuss the campaign on Monday 10th November, 1-2pm, Room B63 of the Law and Social Sciences building.

This dispute has clearly reached a decisive point. We are fighting to protect our pensions – which risk being cut by thousands of pounds a year.

Thank you for your support for the union

Nottingham UCU Branch Committee

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