Email to members re. USS dispute – 31st October

graphicDear UCU member

We understand you are receiving a large volume of communications from UCU, but we hope you understand this reflects the hard work being undertaken to represent you on a range of issues, and of course, above all else, the scale of the attacks we face on our pensions.

Next week, on 6th November, the union will commence its assessment boycott as part of its campaign to defend USS.

The decision to undertake this action was taken following the recent ballot in which 87% of members voted ‘YES’ to support action short of strike action. The ballot turnout was the highest ever achieved on a vote for industrial action since UCU’s formation.

We are asking all members to support the democratic decision of the union to undertake this action.

UCU is committed to a negotiated settlement, but it is vital that maximum pressure is placed on the employers to protect current benefits.

As a union we reject the argument that our pension scheme is ‘unaffordable’. There is now widespread criticism of the employers’ pessimistic valuation of the fund. We believe there is no such thing as ‘no alternative’.

Locally the union is engaged in a wide range of actions to raise awareness of the issues, and the justice of our case. Additional support is always welcome – please contact your Departmental Rep or the UCU office if you are able to help.

Above all, we are asking all members to support the boycott on 6th November.

We are also asking members to attend a special briefing and campaign meeting on Monday 10th November, 1-2pm in Room B63, Law and Social Sciences Building.

Finally, we strongly recommend you bookmark our website – which will contain up to the minute advice about all aspects of the dispute. [Look for the USS tag on the right hand tool bar].

There is nothing inevitable about the cuts to our pensions. This dispute is winnable – but only if we stand together, and stand firm. Trade unions are based on the fundamental value of solidarity. Now is a time to remind ourselves of our fundamental values.

Thankyou for your continued support for the union.

University of Nottingham UCU, Branch Committee

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