Nottingham UCU Vice-President elected to Senate

andreas1University of Nottingham UCU Vice-President, and national UCU NEC member, Professor Andreas Bieler has been elected to Senate. Andreas stood for Senate for a position elected by the University’s professoriate. Eight candidates stood for one position – and Andreas was elected.

Andreas stood as an individual, not as a UCU candidate.  He, and the branch, were clear that it would not have been appropriate to stand on a ‘UCU ticket’.  However, Andreas’s election statement (see below) made clear his role in UCU. It also made clear his commitment to working through the union, and Senate, as ways of promoting the democratic traditions of the public university.

We congratulate Andreas on his election, and will value his voice in Senate debates.

Andreas Bieler’s election statement for Senate:

‘I am Professor of Political Economy and have been a member of staff in the School of Politics and International Relations since August 2001. In an environment, when decision-making has been increasingly re-organised along hierarchical lines in our University, the University Senate is an important democratic institution, with at least some of its members being elected. I am also the current Vice-President of the local University and College Union (UCU) association. UCU believes in transparency, democracy and genuine consultation. Moreover, it stands up for the rights of academic and administrative staff. It is this set of values I will bring to the University Senate in order to ensure that the University remains a democratic institution.’

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