‘Teaching is More than a Score’ – public meeting at University of Nottingham

ofstedLies, Damned Lies and Ofsted’s Pseudostatistics‘ is the title of a public meeting to be held on Wednesday 15th October at 6pm in Room E126 of the Portland (SU) Building on University Park.

The meeting has been organised by City of Nottingham National Union of Teachers and the Notts Stand Up for Education Coalition (which University of Nottingham UCU supports).  UCU is hosting the meeting.

The principal speakers are Professor Philip Moriarty (Physics Department, UoN and local school governor) and Kevin Courtney (Deputy General Secretary of the NUT).  Philip will be developing ideas he first presented in his blog – when he exposed the bogus evidence base Ofsted uses to make judgements about schools (and which has had such a devastating impact on schools in Nottingham). Philip’s blog post here.

The meeting is open to the public and UCU members are encouraged to attend.  This is not only an important opportunity to show solidarity with our colleagues in the schools sector, but also a chance to find out how the urge to ‘measure everything’ that we see in universities is similarly distorting the educational process in schools. Many of the issues will resonate with our own campaign against the crude (mis)use of SET scores as a valid ‘measure’ of teaching quality. Everywhere in education there is an attempt to reduce complex processes to crude, overly-simple but readily comparable (and therefore rankable) scores.  Come along to the meeting and hear how teachers, governors and parents are challenging this logic in schools.

Download the meeting flyer here – Ofsted meeting flyer

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