Meeting of UCU members working in Trent Building


UoN UCU  Secretary Bram Mertens explains the issues

Today’s meeting in the Trent Building was very well attended by members from the Arts Faculty and beyond. Members were briefed on the proposed changes as outlined by the Employers in July 2014 and updated on recent developments. This was followed by questions on points of detail and a very good discussion of the pension debate as well as on the kinds of action UCU could consider taking should that become necessary. Members expressed the genuine hope that there would be no need to take action, but agreed that, should we be forced into that position, there should be further consultation and that we should not be afraid to be creative with the kinds of action we take!

There was a widespread sense that it is of paramount importance that we as Union members use our vote to ensure as large a turn-out as possible in the strike ballot. Members were encouraged to vote and to urge other members not present at the meeting to do the same. The Local Committee recommends that members vote YES to strike action and action short of a strike to give our negotiators as much leverage as possible and to send a message to the employers that we take this issue very seriously indeed.

This was the third meeting UCU has organised to discuss the attack on USS.  We are committed to creating the maximum opportunity for members to discuss, debate, decide and VOTE.  The Branch Committee is campaigning for a ‘YES’ vote on both questions.

The deadline for the ballot is 20 October: please use your vote, please vote YES to strike action and YES to action short of a strike.

The ppt used at the meeting is here – USS Briefing October 2014

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